June 23rd, 2007


Upside-Down Drawing

Very sadness due to crappy scanner. Sorry.

I've skipped posting here a couple of the drawing exercises that were very technique-oriented.

This next one is "upside-down drawing".

We tend to look at things and draw them as we think they are, not how they truly are based on spatial relationships and relativity of things to each other. In this exercise, a picture by another artist is already drawn into the sketchbook and the artist is to copy the image on a blank page next to it. The hitch: the picture you are copying is upside-down and you are also to draw it upside-down.

The idea is to close down the part of the mind that is thinking about what you are drawing and to simply draw what you see. The more you identify what you are drawing as you draw, such as saying "hoof", "nose", "neck" in your mind, the more difficult it is. Eventually you will consciously be able to switch this side of the brain off and draw things right side up.


Ideas for the bedroom

All this sketching has me thinking about color combinations I would like for my bedroom. I am looking forward to designing a bedroom that suits me well, with great color combinations and warmth. So I decided to take a stab at drawing from my imagination.

Minor details are not apparent in this picture, such as the glow of the lamp, the remote-controlled blinds on the window, the depth, beauty & detail of the iris painting above the bed, the sheen on the 600 count Hotel cotton sheets, the deep brown of the bed. You know, the little things. ;-)