July 3rd, 2007


More upside down drawings - 6/26/07

After Pablo Picasso, of Igor Stravinsky

My upside down version:

I found that I strayed too much from my central point and spread out all over the place. When I got back to centering, right around his head and shoulders, all my proportions were out of whack.


Childhood Drawing - 7/2/07

At this point in the book the author talks about how our drawing technique tends to plateau at about 10 years old because how we see things and how we draw them don't match and we give up in frustration. When we draw, we continue to use symbols that we've created that represents different things, such as people, hair, hands, a window, etc., we don't draw what we actually see.

The author asks the reader to draw their own recollection of what their childhood drawings looked like. She says that the symbols we use (i.e. if the sun is in the corner or the middle, if there are clouds in the sky, if the windows have curtains) tell a lot about us. I don't know yet what this drawing says about me.