February 14th, 2009


Valentine's Card

Now that I've completed an art class and am familiar with gouache painting, I was able to make this painting in about an hour.  Yay!  This is from a picture I took a few years ago.  I changed the color of the flower simply because I have way too much red/orange paint due to a recipe mistake I made when mixing paints last week.  :-P

I painted it onto a card to give to a friend tonight.

The original photo:


Another V-day card

I made this rough painting for my other friend who I am seeing tonight. I traced the design from part of another card a friend gave me a while back and drew in the colors free hand, not very exacting. But it's cute. :-)

I don't have a very good scanner, it's thrown off the colors of this card and the other card quite a bit. The background of this card is supposed to be a pale lime green but it didn't come through very well. Oh, well.