February 18th, 2009


Sketch 2/17/09

My art instructor wants us to keep a sketchbook with us at all times and draw in there frequently.  We are to have 10 "master copies" and 20 "observational" drawings by the end of the semester.  I'm going to try to sketch one thing a day.

I've derived a small dose of daily inspiration from this woman:


Sketch 2/18/09

I was looking at the sketchbook/journal of James Jean. I noticed that he often draws something more than once in a spot. For example, if someone moved during the sketch, he just started drawing them again in the new position.

Here is his link. It has some graphic images that are not suitable to view at work (or around children).

James Jean's website
Once you get there, click on "Sketchbook" and then choose any to view his work.

Today I was drawing a chair at Starbucks and was halfway into it when a woman came and claimed the chair by putting her purse and jacket on it. I followed James Jean's example and continued to draw the chair with the purse and jacket on it.